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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 22, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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report" o'reilly is there. but this time jon stewart is with it. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> the birth of fox news and that distorts everything rather than telling the truth. shep. >> the collective ideology of fox, what is the objective of this sort of nonsense. >> scaring white people is good politics. >> it fits into, if i may say so, the fox right wing strategy of trying to betray obama as a closet terrorist. >> bill: once again the far left has declared war on fox news. it didn't work last time but with the election drawing closer this may be all they have. we will tell you what's going on behind the scenes. >> i think deep down inside you can't believe what you have unleashed. >> bill: jon stewart enters the nonspin zone again. >> you are a regular mother teresa out there. >> bill: releasing big new book and rally he wants to put on in
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washington. >> ah-ha. also dennis miller on christine o'donnell. could get bloody. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. once again, fox news underattack. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. you may remember about this time last year the white house declared war on fox news. saying that we were irresponsible in our reporting and biased against the administration. i write about that extensively in my new book pinheads and patriots because it actually helped us. our ration went up and the credibility of the administration went down. after a few weeks of that nonsense a truce was declared and business went on as usual. war is being resurrected not by president obama but some of his acolytes. with the election looming the democrats are in a tough spot. the economy ♪ getting much better and the
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voters are angry. all the polls say the democrats are in deep trouble. so a smoke screen is needed to mask reality, something to drive attention away from the economy and other problems. a few weeks ago the president went after congressman john boehner, the republican. well, that didn't go anywhere. so now some lefties are bringing fox news back into the war zone. if you visit the left wing web sites the rhetoric is pretty much all the same. fox news lies, fox news is a propaganda arm of the republican party. fox news doesn't give president obama a chance. and in the past few days we have seen that internet rhetoric expand to tv. >> one of the fundamental problems is fox. okay? fox has turned into monty python lying circus. all day long they spew lies out time after time day after day. they have created this bubble of irreality around the people that listen to them. it's a threat to this country. >> things have gone down hill, i think, in the last few years with the polarization of our country with the evolution of a
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new kind of politics with the birth of fox news and that distorts everything rather than tells the truth. >> then there is fox news, which is essentially the horse of the republican party whose job it is to make this bad look bad who senator what he does. >> bill: this man, of course, is the president. since the war on fox news failed the last time around, it's a bit perplexing that it would be resurrected. americans can decide for themselves whether fox news is a propaganda mill. we are here 24/7. you can see for yourself. and the american people have seen. the cnn commentator you just heard gets beaten by the factor about 7 to 1 in the ratings. so blaming fox news for the woes of the democratic party is another losing proposition. and like trying to demonize the tea party, it will back fire. the troubling reality is that the u.s.a. is suffering economically and president obama's leadership, his leadership is being questioned. that's what's in play and all the partisan bloviating in the world will not change that.
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and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. join us from des moines, iowa where is he advising a republican candidate the purveyor of dick, mr. morris. didn't we see this anti-fox movie before? >> yeah. we certainly have. again and again. the issue is not so much why they going after fox news. that's self-evident in your talking points do a good job of explaining it the problem is that there is nothing else they are saying. the democratic party is approaching this election with absolute no message. now, the highest level of politics is strategy. then comes tactics. and the lowest level is fire whatever ammunition you have and hope that some of it hits and that effectively describes what the democrats are doing. not a single democratic candidate is out there saying the economy is good or the stimulus package is working or obama care is good or we need cap and trade. they are all saying i didn't
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vote for this and i didn't vote for this and my opponent, oh, he is a child molester. you don't want him. and my opponent his divorce was horrible. my opponent oh, he doesn't pay his taxes. he is actually a deadbeat. the whole idea is throw as much negative as you can and hope that that compensates for the absence of a national message. so the problem obama now is that there is no strategy. there is no message. one minute he is attacking boehner as being a lobbyist. the next minute the tea party is hysterical. next minute this is propaganda from fox news. it's a lurch, because they have nothing to say. it's panic stricken. they don't have a campaign. each of these local campaigns like in iowa today for a guy named brad zawn. he said people should take responsibility for cleaning up and combating natural disasters like floods and they are making a big deal that he doesn't want to get government help. they will use anything they can because nothing is working.
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>> bill: all right, now -- >> -- and they are all losing. >> bill: the strategy though to mobilize the base, one of the problems the democratic party has, according to the surveys taken, is that their crew, the democrats in general, not likely to vote, whereas the republican crew live by the tea party, very motivated to vote. >> yes. by two to one i think. >> bill: some people saying look, if they can attack fox and make fox the villan in the election, make fox the villan, okay? forget about the republican party they can't as you say no message to go after them right now. make fox the villan. this then mobilizes, you don't vote for us, fox wins, really the democratic party running against fox or the obama administration running against fox. i think that's what they are up to. >> yeah. it's a stupid strategy. it was stupid before. it increases fox's ratings. it compels people to go and want to watch us. it's ridiculous. the only reason that they are
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doing that is they have nothing else to say. >> bill: if you were a delaware voter and you were faced with two candidates. one ideologically far left, one ideologically far right, you would vote for the conservative, o'donnell, right? just because you don't want the higher spending big government, right? >> right. >> bill: okay. so, you and other conservative people, republican people, would vote for o'donnell. by then is she running 15 points behind the democrat coons who is so far left, you know, you can't even catch him? why is she running so far behind him? >> well, she spent all of her money in the primaries. she doesn't have a lot to defend herself in the opening week. same thing happened to sharron angle in nevada. she fell behind harry reid and now she has caught up. i think she is going to beat reid. bear in mind when you look at
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polling these days, you are looking at likely voters that say they are likely. in fact, the republican turn out will be much higher than the democratic turn out. >> bill: so you think ms. o'donnell can win? >> she sure can. there is a fundamental misunderstanding here. each day now i do a commentary on my web site on the election in the morning and tomorrow morning i will be talking about this at some length. when you have abortion, gays, and guns, the social issues, you want a moderate. most people don't feel one way or another strongly about it they distrust people that do and they kind of want a moderate and a left winger or right winger is at a disadvantage. when the issue is government spending or taxes, you don't want a moderate. you want a purist. you want someone who says no new spending and no new taxes. and the issue is not are you left or right. it's are you sincere or insincere. the nice thing about o'donnell
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is and angle is she is sincere. everybody looks at her and says that lady is not going to vote for higher taxes. she is not going to cave whereas they look at castle who they voted for in the primary and say i don't know they are squishy. that's why they will win the primaries and election. >> bill: polls in delaware a% are undecided. you will think she will surge and certainly got enough money. there is a lot of money going in there now. >> i'm hungry. do you want to bet a dinner? >> bill: i'm not going to get involved because it looks like i'm rooting against her. that he was not my job here so i'm not going to do that. >> okay. >> bill: next on the run down a liberal weighs in on the fox news. i jon stewart joins us. i guess he didn't learn his lesson the last time. stewart moments away.
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8:13 pm
jimmy carter, guy on cnn. and this web site, that web site. it's all the same. >> yeah. >> bill: how does that message get out? do these people like email? do you have an email base list that you get. >> in politics things are basically organized. there are times when you are going on a show you literally are reading politico and -- >> bill: sure. in a case like this. who would make that call, tim kaine the head of the democratic committee would he say we better go after fox news. it didn't work with boehner. we couldn't really get him. not people knew who he was the. let's get fox news everybody knows glenn beck and o'reilly and hannity. >> there are groups that get together pollsters that get together. >> bill: would it be at that level the democratic national committee? >> huh-uh. >> bill: would it come out of move on. >> it's more likely to come out of strategists and folks going on tv. pundits and talking heads. >> bill: they get together like a little coven. >> i don't know if you can talk about those.
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o'donnell type -- >> bill: isn't it strange this time last year the white house tried this and they lost. and now they are trying it again and we're going, you know, it's okay for us because we got something to talk, about right? >> the reality is democrats love to hate fox news. democrats are looking for something to fire up the base, you guys are the perfect enemy to do that. >> bill: that's the strategy as i said to morris is to fire up the left wing base to get them off their duffs so they go out and vote. >> it's not the only thing they will deploy. it's a good strategy. a good short-term strategy not a good long-term strategy. >> bill: it's dishonest strategy. you are sitting here right now. marc lamont hill, alan colmes. a good batch of democratic contributors. >> i get nasty emails from progressives from coming on fox news. like fox news i like discourse and politics. >> bill: don't you think people would disagree with you. people like fox news. ratings show that when these nuts do. this jimmy carter doesn't help himself by going out and session
8:15 pm
fox news lies and jimmy is afraid to come in here to back it up. he doesn't help himself. do you think he helps himself. >> i don't think he helps himself by not coming in here and talking to you. i also think that christine o'donnell doesn't help herself. >> bill: i agree with that but christine o'donnell doesn't say we're lying. it's almost like talking to a neighbor come in and explain what your beef is. no, i'm just going to attack you. i'm not going to confront you. president carter looks like a coward number one. people think he is a crank and he reinforces that i don't know what he is trying to do out there. if he has a beef, come on in and sit down where you are and tell me what the beef. >> i think in politics you should always confront your enemy. if democrats consider fox news the enemy, they should come in here and debate the issues. and i don't consider fox news an enemy. i consider fox definitely representing more moderate and definitely more conservative voices but it takes all voices to make america strong. >> bill: the folks have decided. morris believes the reason why this is happening in addition to whipping up the base is that the
8:16 pm
democrats don't have anything to talk about. >> i don't believe that's true. >> bill: what would you make the central issue. >> middle class families. >> bill: what? >> middle class families are hurting. >> bill: been there 19 month. what is he going to say you are still hurting after i have been here 19 months? that's his issue. >> biggest gain for health care reform even though nay sayers. >> you herd delma hart yesterday. hey, come on, i'm starting to lose faith here. that's going to be your issue. >> she vocalized the hurt that progressives and -- >> bill: that's what you are going to make your issue, jane? we're sorry we hurt you and didn't come through. >> it's the type of strategy that bush took on. he was always very good at this. when people said that people don't like you. your poll numbers are awful he went out there and campaigned and kind of went to the people. >> bill: that's what obama is doing. >> that's what obama is doing. democrats shouldn't shy away from their values. >> bill: i think dick morris might be right there. doesn't seem to be a coherent
8:17 pm
message when they go out. jane, always good to see you. thanks for coming. >> in thanks, bill. >> bill: we would like to you vote in our new bill o' poll. who is the most conservative politician among the three. sarah palin, newt gingrich, and mitt romney. we will give you the results on friday. jon stewart has a new book out. he wants you to attend a big rally in d.c. hosted by him. and then dennis miller on jimmy carter bashing fox news and whether he would vote for christine o'donnell. whoa, miller coming um. ♪ we could've gone a more traditional route... ... but it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable. ♪
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>> personal story segment tonight, the return of jon stewart the host of the daily show has a brand new book called "earth the book, the visitor's guide to the human race" in which he is pictured on the cover next to stephen colbert. kind of a planet of the apes thing going on here, i guess.
8:21 pm
stewart showed up earlier today and here is what happened. all right. stewart is back. it's inexplicable but he is here. >> i'm back. what about hi jon, nice to see you. >> bill: what, do you want me to be a phony? >> it hurts my feelings. >> bill: obama remorse. some people who voted for him as you saw delma hart the other day voted for the hope and dream it ain't happening. do you, jon stewart, have obama remorse? >> i think people feel a disappointment in that there was a sense that oh jesus will walk on water and now you are looking at look at that he is just threading water. >> bill: but did you buy the messiah thing when he was campaigning. >> look. i don't buy the messiah thing with the messiah thing let alone with a politician. >> bill: you were a supporter of obama. now, do you regret? >> i thought he would do a better job. i was a supporter of mccain for a long time. >> bill: but you threw mccain under the bus. >> no, mccain threw himself under the bus.
8:22 pm
>> bill: i saw you. you pushed him. >> i would not push a man of that stature under the bus. i still love him. talk about remorse. >> bill: but you loved obama more. you pulled the lever for obama. >> what are you trying to say i'm a left -- >> bill: if you had to go back in a time capsule, could you vote for mccain? >> no. >> bill: no. >> no. i still wouldn't have voted for mccain. >> bill: standing by your man. tammy why net. >> i wouldn't suggest it's a country love song the way you were. i thought we were in such a place, much like the tea party feels now, that the country was in such a place that we needed a more drastic reconstruction of construction. perhaps deacon destruction of the powers that be. i thought this may be a chance to do that i have been saddened to see that someone who ran on the idea that you can't expect to get different results with the same people in the same system has kept in place so much of the same system and the same people. >> bill: he still has been drastic in the sense that -- >> -- how has he been drastic, sir? >> bill: because he separates
8:23 pm
himself from the regular folks. let me give you two examples. [giggle] >> bill: the mosque thing yeah they had a right to it really not good to sensitivities but he wouldn't do it? >> that is what he said. >> bill: you mocked him for it but he wouldn't comment on the wisdom. the people are going come on, you are the leader of the country, you have to comment. >> what people? >> bill: the folks. the regular people. people who would never watch your show. people who watch me. not you. >> you are making things up. >> bill: i'm not making things up. >> when is the last time you visited leavitt town, bill? >> bill: sunday i was there, stewart. i was there. i was building a barbecue for my friend joey brick by brick, i threw on some pepper and then they came in and we all watched the game had some -- it was unbelievable. >> bill: you are deflecting. >> what do you want me to deflect? >> bill: the president has separated himself from the folks and he is having so much trouble in the polls. >> that sounds like a meaningless thing to say.
8:24 pm
you are saying folks. what are folks? >> bill: working americans don't understand his thought process. >> that may be very well true. he didn't separate himself from working americans. he hasn't done enough to -- he ran on the idea that the middle class. >> bill: yeah. >> was going to be his focus. >> bill: and it isn't. >> he is trying right now to preserve the tax cuts for them and remove the ones for the ones making $250,000 and above. >> bill: did you get your health care premiums. >> i pay health care for everybody at our show. >> bill: delma hart said it the other day. >> she still supports him and has hopes for him. she feels that the policies has not come fast enough. i completely agree with the sentiment that he ran as a visionary and he has led as a functionary. >> bill: let's get on to halloween. >> are you even listening to me? >> bill: we have to go to d.c. in costumes? why are we going in the beginning? why are we there. >> the folks that i see in my
8:25 pm
gigs, real americans, plumbers and such, they tell me that they don't feel represented by the extremities they see on fox news and other things like that. they say the real voice of the people has been muted by the extremists that the loudest voices are the ones that seem to carry the day. so what i'm hearing is that they want to feel a catharsis that they are not alone, that they're also represented. that's why we are doing it we are trying to find that thin sliver of america between pinhead and patriot. if we could define that sweet pot. pintriots if you will. dill dill do you have a permit yet. >> i doubt it. >> bill: just going to be there and get arrested? so the day before halloween. >> october 30th. 12:00 to 3:00. not at night. this is for people who have jobs and families, you know, the rallying cries we are here but we are only here until 3:00. we have a sitter. >> bill: okay, good. christine o'donnell, would you vote for the witch or the marxist? >> who the hell knows.
8:26 pm
>> bill: do you want the marxist? i know you do i can see it in your eyes. >> that is no way a pejorative way to describe him. i'm sure is he absolutely a marxist. by the way you can be bald and a marxist? is that even allowed? >> bill: i think you can. lennon was bald, was he not? >> i don't imagine that a state like delaware which is a pretty, you know, mild state. whoever is better for dupont that's who i'm for. dupont that's who i'm for. a new synthetic to spray on your couch to keep ketchup off of it i'm voting for that person. here is about o'donnell. the witch thing ridiculous. masturbation? ridiculous. one of the least favorite tea party candidates i have seen yet. >> bill: she won't come on the factor. i don't think she will go on your program either. >> she doesn't represent the folks. why won't she respect the folks? >> bill: i think the venue might be too tough here. okay. let's take a break and we will come back and talk about your big book. >> let's do that.
8:27 pm
>> bill: which is competing with my big book. >> oh, you have a book out? >> bill: yeah. >> good luck with that. >> bill: by the way, the entire interview with jon stewart unedited will be posted on bill o' immediately after this broadcast. we'll be right back with stewart. they could have shipped it too. saved ourselves the hassle. i'm not too sure about this. look at this. [ security agent ] right. you never kick off with sales figures. kicking off with sales figures! i'm yawning. i'm yawning some more. aaaaaaaand... [ snores ] i see your pnt. yeah. snores ] [ malannouncer ] we understand.® you need a partner who delivers convenience. next time use fedex office.
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>> bill: continuing now with the personal story segment, the host of the daily show jon stewart whose north korea new book is called "earth, the book." here we go. okay, stewart, now why do i have to get a sprained wrist when i buy your book? i mean all of the books that you put out -- >> -- because i put effort into my books. i don't put one out from every six months from stuff i dictate on my way home. >> bill: not me. i write them all. so "earth the book, the human guide to the human race." what is the theme? the overarch of this. >> the overarching theme of this is a comprehensive guide to how we got here, all that we accomplished while we were here and how we are leaving.
8:31 pm
>> bill: all right. >> i'm not going to give away the ending. i will give away the ending. a killer begreat white shark hybrid. >> bill: this is just nonsense for 200 pages of nonsense? is that what it is? >> we think a little more highly of it than nonsense. >> bill: jibberrish. >> we feel it's well crafted satire speaking to the human condition. jibberrish is fine. >> bill: okay. now, the last page, 239. acknowledgments. you have -- >> -- i will tell you who likes it the dope dealers, man. >> bill: the dope dealers, of course they do. they can put stuff in between the pages when they carry it. >> people don't actually -- >> bill: you have 1400 writers. >> that's the people we are thinking. >> bill: no, no. we asked the daily show to maintain the quality of the program while we wrote the book so then we did we wrote the book. didn't all these people help in writing the book? how many people wrote the book? >> there is probably 12. that's the staff. >> bill: 12 people wrote the book? >> yeah. >> bill: how come they weren't all on oprah.
8:32 pm
you were the only one on. >> i take the credit. >> bill: i can't get on oprah. >> she doesn't like you. >> bill: why is that? >> you are not likeable. >> bill: it's as simple as that? she likes you. she really likes you. >> your books are poem i iics. >> there is a tire. different network. she is not as into the poemic let's say. >> bill: she doesn't want to talk politics with somebody like me she would rather talk satire with people like you. >> now you are understanding daytime. >> bill: my book is out. you and i are going to be slugging it out in the bookstore. >> no. i don't think we will. i think we are going to crush you. >> bill: the weight of this thing, my god, you know? >> and also the sales. weight and sales. >> bill: we'll see. bold fresh dba 1,000,002. >> bold fresh? that's what you called it. >> bill: remember i was on your
8:33 pm
program pushing that thing? >> how is pin pate? aren't you going to call it pin pate? >> bill: no pinheads and patriots. >> bill: where do you come down in the book? where do you think your description is? >> wait a minute. are you suggesting that i'm more pinhead than patriot? >> bill: i'm not suggesting anything. >> no, no. please. share with me. >> bill: out of all of this stuff. >> is this really the time to skim the book. shouldn't that be done like preparation wise? you come on and just skim it? should i join you in the bathroom while you read it? >> bill: there is so much here, stewart. there is just so much here it's amazing. >> we try. we put a lot into it. >> bill: there is a lot of nazi stuff in here though. a lot of swastika stuff. >> that was kind of a cultural event. that's the page devoted to fascism. >> bill: am i mentioned in here at all in the fascist thing? >> oh, please. [chuckling] >> bill: isn't it interesting i was target number one and now
8:34 pm
i'm 15 on the list. last time i was here you said i was the voice of reason in the fat camp. >> skinniest kid at fat camp. >> bill: yeah. >> you were like the -- how else would i put that? the shutest nun. >> bill: no nuns are shute so there you go. >> yeah. >> bill: what happened to me? did i lose my edge or i have been overtaken by brighter people. >> i wouldn't say brighter. listen, you are a very bright man. you went to harvard. you are an elite. have you been overtaken by a more extreme version of you. you are like fox 1.0. you are the beta version. fox 2.0 has jumped over you to an extent that i don't think you could ever dream of. quite frankly, i think you fear. i think deep down inside you can't believe what have you unleashed. you can't -- >> bill: i'm responsible for all of this. >> you are not responsible for it. what you did is spread out the area. you set up your stuff there and these other people just came plowing through. you are -- on this network you
8:35 pm
are left wing. >> bill: on comedy central, who would be conservative? , da'da da'da. we will do the jeopardy music here. >> it's not a news. >> bill: it doesn't matter. it's satire. >> cartman. >> bill: there are people that believe you are the voice of news. that you are delivering information. >> no one believes that. >> bill: the book is "earth, a visitor's guide to the human race." it weighs 15 pounds. >> how is -- >> bill: who? >> who is coming on today? >> bill: dennis miller. he likes you though. he is not going to say anything bad about you. >> smartest guy that i have ever seen do comedy. we used to watch him in the old days, you know, doing like the black and white special and just be sad. he was the type of comic that could make you sad. his brain is that fast. >> bill: what does it say about fox news that we feature miller every week? ah-ha. there you go, stewart. jon stewart, everybody, give him a round of applause. by the way i will be appearing on stewart's program this coming monday. please pray for me.
8:36 pm
when we come right back, dennis miller, as mentioned, will he, i should say, vote for christine o'donnell? what does he think of jimmy carter attacking fnc? miller is next.
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when you can relax and be yourself. and at thousands of newly refreshed holiday inn express hotels, you always can. holiday inn express. stay you. and now stay rewarded with a sweet dilemma. up to five free nights at any of our properties or double points. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the miller time segment tonight, let's go directly to the sage of southern california who joins us from los angeles. all right. so, jimmy carter telling the world that his administration was really very successful and that fox news is bad. what say you? >> well, he was a genius, wasn't he? you know, billy, much like you i'm a student of history. and i always theory rised what it must have been like to live in rome under the caesars. i thank carter for allowing knee glimpse it up close in the four and a half mile gas line.
8:40 pm
he was a wizard. i snow it was only a one-term presidency, it was so bad, so noxious that it had a linger to it. i think of the carter presidency as a farther in the smart car. it's there. it's o. way and it was unpleasant. >> bill: he contends because his administration passed more legislation since anyone since lyndon johnson they got things done, that the gas lines you referred to, the iranian hostage deal that walter cronkite made famous inflation about 20%. the economy going south. all of that really didn't matter because he got so much done. how do you reply? >> how i reply is in the rear view. billy carter is saturdaying to look like the savant in the family. he was so inept he got attacked by a swimming rabbit. >> bill: i remember that. >> a rabbit was swimming looked up and said this guy is such a
8:41 pm
dunst i can take him. no wonder the iranians weren't taken down. he got attacked by a swimming rabbit for god's sake. is he marked in perpetuity as the worst president. it's going to make the scarlet letter look like a hen that tattoo. he was a mindless hack and i hate to bust his rice bowl but the only thing he said during the interview that made sense to me was i guarantee it teddy kennedy knocked him off his health care thing because he wanted his name on that in per at the perpetuity. you could have cured every disease and illness on the planet with your health care program, the rest of it was such crap that you would still be remembered as a hack g-4 political stiff. >> bill: you know, after hearing what you just said i don't know if that's going to change mr. carter's opinion of fox news. [ laughter ] >> listen, carter can't afford cable at this point, billy. >> bill: all right. so you are not taking that seriously. >> no. >> bill: so you are moving to delaware, i understand. you are going to go to a
8:42 pm
beautiful beach town. probably too late to vote in the kunz o'donnell race. if you were a delaware resident, who would you vote for? >> well, let me see, the way i looked at that i have condensed it down to a bumper sticker bewitched versus bewildered. you know something i'm going to go with endora because the bald guy thinks everybody's cull dresden should be exactly the same size. i'm going to go with her. she is a little bit flakey to me. i don't know, someone has got to run a tighter ship down there. this guy has spent his current district. i know you are going to come back and say no, no. he is a genius. he got handed a bad thing. anybody who ascribes marxism to themselves early in life, no, i don't think they mean it he was a guy who was balding and wanted to meet chicks. he sent them a marxist. i know that poet thing in college. they need somebody to add one column up and the other column up and make sure they are pretty equal. i would trust her to do that more than i would trust him.
8:43 pm
is he too crotchety. when you go that bald in life you take it out on everybody who works under you for the rest of your life. >> bill: the polls show that ms. o'donnell is 15 points behind. dick morris top of the program said no problem, she can overcome that do you really think that she will win? >> well, while he hasn't really opened up his ad campaign, she hasn't cast of her spell war warlock. i think she still has a chance. a little eye of newt. boil in trouble and she takes over their minds through casting a spell as a witch. >> bill: we are still awaiting the appearance of darren to campaign for her. >> one or darren two. one was known as don't ask, don't tell. >> bill: it was dick york and then another guy. they looked the same. i don't know. it was very confusing. all i know is -- >> listen, all i know is the first time i saw a therapist as
8:44 pm
a child it was because i thought the old made who connected doorknobs was hot. >> bill: velma hart, i wrote about her in my newspaper column this week. she asked the toughest question that's been asked of president obama since he got elected. shame on the white house press corps but she should be sitting in the front row, right? >> to me it was like joe welch with mccarthy. but it was you have no game, sir? it was that sort of moment where she really put a light on him. that first quick reaction of his the glib smile and the laugh and then he looked at her. i know that feeling as a comic when you put a shot in on somebody and you think they are going to laugh it off and they give you that look they are not laughing. you can see, man, that's why i don't think that was staged. some people thought it was staged. >> bill: no way. >> marc lamont hill his instincts seemed ham handed to me he thought that was staged. i didn't. i think he was suckered punched
8:45 pm
in there and taken the wind out of him. it wasn't the bernie shaw dukakis kitty putting a a a an alarm system. in he looked stunned by that. >> bill: he was. when people get stunned they tend to smile or go the other way. so i don't think there was anything built into the president's reaction that was wrong or condescending. but i thought that ms. hart had a lot of courage to do what she did. because she likes and she said it in subsequent interviews she likes him and still hopes he succeeds. but she stood up there and she was speaking for millions of americans. >> listen, she is going to continue to carry water. i would say, you know, when you are apologizing too much for somebody, you should quit apologizing. the reason you have to apologize is this guy has been inept. you owe it to him. if you respect him at all as a man to hold him accountable and quit caring water. i see people walking their vote back from obama all the time. they took an ambien and woke up
8:46 pm
outside. they are afraid they did it and won't do it again. she doesn't have to carry his water. just don't vote for him next time. >> bill: dennis miller. did you see that on deck tonight. provocative ad condemning the ground zeroun mosque. wait until you see this. right back with it. [ tires scre] the quarter-mile, or a quarter-century? is performance about the joy of driving? or the importance... of surviving? to us, performance is not about doing one thing well. it is about doing everything well. because in the end... everything matters. the best or nothing. that is what drives us. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers on the c-class. just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies? [ glass shatters ] more passion for the one you love? more fun with your family and friends? it could be a treatable condition
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8:49 pm
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, did you see that we begin with evening by a political ad put out. roll the tape. >> after the muslims conquered jerusalem lump and con stan only they built victory mosque. now they want to build a victory mosque by ground zero. where does bob etheridge stand he won't say. >> the terrorists haven't won and we should tell them in plain
8:50 pm
english no. there will never be a mosque at ground zero. >> bill: all right. here toonellize fox news' juliet huddy. so effective ad, do you think? >> possibly. but she is really not doing so well. republicans seem to have kind of lost hope on her. but, you know, when you are kind of back there in the weeds, you have to bring out all the stops and the lightning rod issue. >> bill: polling on her. >> the polling that we have is from june and basically actually had her 39% and he was 38%. but according to politico she is facing, quote, lapging congressional campaign quote senior g.o.p. campaign says the race has dropped off the radar. >> bill: guy they ambushed on the street and pushed the guy. >> he said i'm sorry. he apologized for that. >> bill: boy, you know, it seems that he would be vulnerable. >> here is the thing. he hasn't really come out and said anything on the mosque. and so the tactic here was go after a guy for not just saying something but saying nothing.
8:51 pm
>> bill: if i everywhere here, i would do it. i don't think i would tie in the mosque with the terrorists. that seems to be a pretty big leap. i gold after him saying hey, what's the matter with you. >> because people feel she is desecrating the ground zero by using. this they say it's offensive. it's exploiting to raise her profile. arguable. >> bill: war in christmas. there is a movie coming out about the war on christmas. you may remember that people said i made this up. but now hollywood has followed. >> sort of. >> bill: this is the trailer. go. >> a formal complaint has been filed by the town christmas declaration. >> who filed the complaint. >> the grinch? mitch brice. >> out to save christmas. >> what are you doing? seasonings greetings. >> it works for everybody. >> it doesn't work for me. >> he hates god. he doesn't want equal representation of religion. he wants none. >> do you really care about city hall decorations. >> i do have a problem with christmas and all the rest of the garbage you christians have been jamming down my throat. >> daniel baldwin.
8:52 pm
ted mcbeginly. >> richard cunningham's older brother. the deal with this is that everybody can breathe a collective sigh of relief. this isn't a hollywood film so much. done by a studio that does christian entertainment family entertainment based out of scottsdale and daniel baldwin plays the scrooge guy. comes in and plays atheist guy. there is a happy ending for the christians there is a happy ending. >> bill: this going to go to dvd. >> straight to dvd. this isn't really a hollywood picture. >> bill: it's a message movie. i like it. i mean, look, i think it's a real issue as i said. and now they are dramatizing it and people are teed off about it? >> it's interesting though because news feeds affiliated with "time" magazine they had a snarky review of it. >> bill: i'm shocked. >> atheists now. you can ever say anything nice about christmas? no not if you are in the mainstream secular media, that's in the rules. you cannot do that. >> i like christmas. >> bill: juliet huddy likes christmas, everybody.
8:53 pm
how you can argue with it pinheads and patriots up next. paris hilton booted out of japan and a new song about me, shocking. moments away. ♪ [ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? introducing bayer am,
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. >> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment. tonight japan says no to paris hilton. but first my book has debutted at number one on the book scan list. we thank everyone who is supporting the book. interesting to see if
8:56 pm
"the new york times" has us number one. they do interesting an accounting overthere. if you buy pinheads and patriots upon we'll send you a tote bag free. all the money derived from the website goes to charity now the mail. jim: i'm a tea party member. you described us perfectly. the president tends he doesn't under the movement but he does. carl: what charles krauthammer and karl rove don't understand is that tea party voters aren't interested in liberal republicans they want principled republicans. bill, why did you not comment when mr. obama burst out laughing at thelma. i thought it was insulting. as i said the president was caught by surprise. i saw no disrespect there. glenda: i'm stunned that charles krauthammer would rather have a self-confessed marxist in the senate than christine o'donnell.
8:57 pm
charles is miss o'donnell. chris coons denies he's a marxist. sean: you call katy perry a pinhead for appearing on sesame street. not true, i left it for the tkwrepbs to decide. today we got letters that -- that misstated the facts might be because you are watching the jimmy carter interview, i don't now. usually that stuff doesn't happen. a lot of that misstating of facts today. scott: if marijuana were legalized it is like the mother giving her 2-year-old pot would be far left. based on what? the more intoxicants around the more children suffer, period. my wife called me a pinhead because i bought your book. tell her she wrong. you are a patriot in my book doctor but i'm not sure how much that counts. jacqueline: pinheads and patriots oh what a with barack on the left and
8:58 pm
bill on the right. the cover alone makes me laugh and think, i hope to soon see what is written in ink. oh jackie so you shall. signed copy on the way. 13! great. finally pinheads and patriots you may remember the singer mellist he had more than 60 albums, now 78-years-old here's one of his newest songs. ♪ everybody loves bill o'reilly. everybody loves that irish man. whether he's a he or a she everybody loves bill o'reilly. loved by his neighbors, pets, by the strangers that they never met. lives a bowl of cherries and everydayg"q=l1ñ same. >> bill: i'm trying to get lady gaga to record that, it would be a big hit. i have to make mellist a patriot.
8:59 pm
>> japan says sayonara to paris hilton. miss hilton responded. >> i look forward to coming back in the future. i'm really tired. >> where are you headed now? >> bill: long fright. there she goes. miss hilton remains a pinhead. that is it to for us tonight. please check out the fox news back for website. we would like you to spout off about the factor, name a town if you wish to opine. here's the word of the day do not be a puzzlewit. full interview with jon stewart on edited: thanks for watching tonight


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